DMOZ: Open Directory Project (

With over 3.8 million websites indexed on more than 460,000 categories, this is the largest directory on the web.

Ethics in Computing (
A well-chosen list of links in all areas of computer ethics including copyright, intellectual property, e-commerce, hacking, health issues, and much more

Google URL Shortener
Not only shortens URL's, but will give you a QR Code.

Internet Product Watch (
Great information on new internet apps.

Net Day Compass (
Great educational technology resources.

On-Line Technology Tutorials (
Technology tutorials found on the Web of interest to teachers and students.

A collaborative post-it note wall. Great for the classroom!

Powerpoint in the Classroom (
A great tutorial on the use of powerpoint in the classroom, with some really useful tips.

QR Code Generator

QR Droid
Generate QR Codes with the added features of color and text.

SearchEngine Watch (
Offers reviews, ratings, and statistics for different search engiens; search tutorials and tips; search engine lists and news. (

Learn how to use that digital camera and the applications available to you.

The Spider's Apprentice (

A guide to search engines, search strategies, and analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

Surf Like a Hero! (

Information on cybercitizenship for teachers, students, and parents. Includes discussion of crimes, ethics, and links to experts.

U.C. Berkeley Library: Finding Information on the Internet: a Tutorial (

From Berkeley, this site features great introductory materials about the Internet.Includes recommended search strategies and website evaluation.

WebMonkey for Kids (

A kid-friendly approach to web development which includes lessons, projects, and tools.

Webopedia (

An online dictionary and encyclopedia for technology and internet terms. Great!