General History Social Studies (

Includes A to Z History Encyclopedia and an A to Z Geography Encyclopedia, along with other features. Great!
Historical Atlas of the 20th Century (

Allows you to examine different places, times, economic trends, or populations. Great!
History Channel (

Search any topic in history by keyword or decade, or browse what happenned today in history. Excellent!
History Matters (

A comprehensive collection of history sites by the Journal of American History. Great!
The National Women's History Project (

The most through site of links and information relating to women's history.
The History Place (
20th Century History (
20th Century by the Decades (
U.S. Historical Documents (
Time Archive (1985-present) (

World War II Commemoration (

American History
Civil Rights
King Papers (

Original documents of Dr. King's, along with a biography.
Time's Top 100 Leaders (

Biographical information on Dr. King.

American Presidents: Life Portraits (

The C-SPAN project accomplished with the help of the Library of Congress, which allows you to search by president, view original documents, and watch video of interviews. Excellent!

Celebrating the American Presidency (

Presidential Factfile ( OR also from infoplease,

Presidential Trivia (
Who Knew? US Presidential Trivia (

American History
13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies (

An examination of the 13 original colonies.
American Civil War Battles and Battlefields (

An alphabetical listing of links to websites for Civil War battles and battlefields.
American Revolution Persuaders (
Boston Tea Party (
Civil War Maps (

From the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, a map collection searchable by keyword or geographic location.

Civil War Photographs (
The collection of Civil War photographs from the Library of Congress.

Civil War Women (
Resources regarding the role of women during the Civil War from Duke University.

Great Depression & WW II (

This site is collection of black and white and colored photographs of WW II and The Great Depression.
Historical Maps of the United States (

The map collection of the University of Texas at Austin.
History Central (

Some great info on the causes of the American Revolution.

History Place: Civil War (

Useful when searching for dates of particular events. Discusses major battles, and photographs and primary documents can be accessed.

Kid Info--American Revolution (
Little Known facts of the Revolutionary War (
Selected Civil War Photgraphs (

A collection of Civil War photographs from the Library of Congress.

The American Civil War Homepage (

An extensive site with images, documents and articles relating to the civil war. The most complete list of Civil War links on the web.
United States Civil War Center (

One of the most comprehensive gateways to Civil War information, with links for battles, biographies, food, sports and leisure, flags, weapons, and more.

World War II (

A great site from the BBC, with unbelievable features like Hitler audio, animated maps, images of D-Day, and remembrances of veterans.


Explorers A to Z (

Explorers on the Web (
From CyberSleuth Kids, alphabetical links to many explorers.

KidInfo Explorers (

Great links to lots of explorers sites.

Zoom Explorers (
From Enchanted Learning, great information on explorers organized in alphabetical order.

Ancient History

Middle Ages

Odyssey Online (

This Emory University site has great information on Egypt, Rome, Africa,Greece, and the Near East.
Africa (some sites to help you with your 6th grade folktale project)
Africa, the Cradle of Civilization (

African History Timeline (

From the Smithosonian Institution, a wonderful guide through African history.

African Folktales (

From CanTeach, some great examples of African folktales.

African Names (

African names, their meanings, and the area in which the names are used. Excellent!

African People and Culture (

Information on tribal peoples and groups.

African Proverbs (

African proverbs and sayings.

African Tribes (wikipedia)

Countries of Africa (

If you can ignore the pop-ups, has great information on the coutnries of Africa.

Gateway Africa (

Go to tribes and people or African Stories for some great information for 6th grade projects.

Hotlist on Tribal Africa (http:/

Great information on the tribes of Africa from a Middle School teacher.
Interactive Map of Africa (

Kenyan History Timeline (

A thorough guide to Kenyan history, from religion and culture to heroes, invasions, and occupations.

Maps of Africa, 16th-20th Century (

From Northwestern, a fantastic collection of older maps of Africa.

National Museum of African Art (

Browse the collection, which is part of the Smithsonian.

Sahara Desert (

From PBS, info on the people, economics, and resources of the countries in the Sahara.

Story of Africa (

From the BBC, an excellent site on the history of the continent, covering 14 different time periods.

South African Folktales Index (

A great list of South African folktales and their text, for you to get some idea of the folktale format.

Swahilii/Kanga Writings (

A list of Swahili proverbs and sayings, translated into English.

The Living Africa (

Zulu Kingdom (

Explore the weather, history, geography and fast facts about the Zulu Kingdom.

Ancient Egypt (
Excellent info from the British Museum.

Ancient Egypt for Kids (
Easy to understand basic information.

Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit (
From Minnesota State University, a great site with information on art, the military, architecture, religion, government, daily life, and history. Includes maps.
Ancient History Sourcebook

Great links from Fordham University.

BBC History: Egypt (

Lots of info on pyramids, gods, beliefs, mummies, daily life.

Explore Ancient Egypt (
From the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, a wonderful tour through ancient artifacts, organized into catagories like daily life, hieroglyphs, archaeology, mummies, etc.
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt (

A great site with information on pyramids and temples, kings and queens, and hieroglyphs.
NOVA Online: Pyramids: the Inside Story (
Ancient Greece (

A thinkquest project, this site has a map and timeline of Ancient Greece.

[[|Ancient Greece]](

With information on the Olympics, art and architecture, and people of Ancient Greeece, this is a great site.

Ancient Greek World (

From the University of Pennsylvania, one of the most comprehensive sites from their museum.

Destination: The Seven Wonders of the World (

From CNN, a great virtual tour of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Greek History for Kids (

Information on history, environment, clothing, people, sports, food, government, art, and more!

Seven Wonders of the World (

Discusses the Seven Wonders with a great map and additional links.
UnMuseum Seven Wonders of the World (

Great information on the Seven Wonders.

Middle Ages
Castles of (

All kinds of information on the construction of castles, their purpose, and castle life. Great!

Feudal Times

Medieval (

Provides an accurate view of daily life during this period.

Middle Ages (

From the Annenberg Collection, a great site on what it was like to live during the Middle Ages.

Middle Ages, Chivalry, and Knighthood (

Great links for timelines, terms, daily life, castles, the Black death, medieval women, art and architecture, and religion.

Native Americans
First Nations Histories (

The site for Native American research. Details 48 nations and their histories, along with cultural details. Excellent!
Index of the North American Indian (

Lists Indian tribes with information on location, dwellings, clothing, religion, and ceremonies. Excellent!
Native American Sites (
One of the best collections of links dedicated to Native Americans.
Native American Tribes of the Southwest U.S. (

A teacher-generated site that includes great cultural information on the Indians of the Southwest.
NativeWeb (

Includes primary sources documents and present day issues of Native Americans.

WWW Virtual Library -- American Indians (

Index of Native American cultural resources on the net.