Biographical Dictionary of the United States Congress
A searchable biographical database of all members of Congress, either by name or by year.

Great information on the U.S. Congress -- how it works, members, recent legislation, etc.

Department of Justice for Kids and Youth
A guide to information about the Justice system and the FBI.

Elections. . . the American Way
From the Library of Congress, this site focuses on the American electoral proces and the laws governing it.

Election Connection
A webquest and other election activities which allows you, among other things, to create a candidate for the presidency.

This search engine powered by Altavista looks through a legal dictionary, legal news, and the text of the United States Constitution, in addition to documents on federal and state web sites.

An index to everything you need to know about the U.S. government. Searchable or browseable.

Google's Unclesam
Searches for government documents from federal and state web sites.

GovTrack follows Congress, and includes information on bills, votes, and committees.

Kids in the House
Explains Congressional history and operations in an entertaining way with puzzles, coloring pages, word search, and bill writing activity.

National Archives and Records Adminstration (NARA)
Searchable federal records and an archival database make this site impressive!

PBS Kids Democracy Project
An interactive site with activities like voting booth, president for a day, and information on past presidents.

Project VoteSmart
Great information to help make you an informed citizen: biographies of legislators, committee assignments, voting records, and information on voter registration.

Read about the upcoming elections, or take a survey to see whose beliefs most closely match yours.

From the Library of Congress, great information on the legislature. Searchable bill text, or by sponsor, with links to all branches of government. Excellent!

[[|University of Michigan Documents Center]]
A document database for all government information and statistics. A wealth of information!