Searching tip: Use subject specific or small age appropriate search engines when you are searching for common terms. When you have an obscure topic, use a large search engine like Google. Whenever you get too many hits, refine your search by adding more terms to the search box, making your search more specific. Always put a + before terms that must be included in the results, and enclose phrases in quotation marks. Be aware that subject-specific search engines are found under that subject. (

A new search engine where you post a question, and it is answered. Double check for reliability.

Ask (

A great combination of Ask Jeeves and Teoma.

Bing (

Microsoft's answer to Google.

Complete Planet
A deep web directory with great databases.

Delaware Libraries (
You must have a valid Delaware library card to use the search tools and databases, but it's well worth it.

Delicious (
A great bookmarking site. Save your favorites here, and search for others, or share with friends.

Dogpile (
A metaserach engine for just what you need -- information, audio, video, images, etc.

Duck Duck Go (
A simple search engine which not only clarifies your search, but gives you the option of choosing where to search.

Exalead (
The next-generation search engine that gives you thumbnails of your hits, with previews.

Factbites (
A cross between a search engine and an encyclopedia, so the information is viewable in the hit list. Wow!

Finding Dulcinea (
Choose a webquide from the topics listed on the side, and then find your topic. A great organized web search tool.

Gigablast (
A new search engine with date reporting and full Boolean. (
The largest search engine, with a great image library.

Infomine (

Scholarly reference source. Be careful -- some sources must be paid for.


Ranks your results by difficulty, provides age-appropriate content, and allows you to save your searches.

Internet Public Library

A great directory, where the sites have been collected and annotated. Sources are selected according to ease of use, quality and quantity of information, frequency of updating, and authoritativeness.
Kidsclick! (
A kid friendly directory developed by librarians. Though the database is limited, it seems more than adequate for the grade school student. Colorful and easily navigable by subject.

Mamma (
The oldest metasearch engine, that searches 10 other search engines simulatneously.

Metacrawler (

A metasearch engine that also offers a directory.

My Virtual Reference Desk (
An internet reference desk with links to encyclopedias, many subject areas, internet resources, and libraries around the world. An excellent reference source!

Newssift (
A search engine just for business topics and news.

Quintura Kids (

A great visual search engine for kids, where popular topics appear in clouds. (

Searches 36 databases and 1850 pages information from government sources. Wow!

SearchCube (
Really cool digital display search engine that displays results in a cube. Like SearchMe in 3-D!

Search!o (

Wow! A great metasearch tool that gives tabbed results from 10 different search engines.

Webcrawler (

An ad-free metasearch engine that searches Google, MSN Search, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves.

Wolfram/Alpha (

A new computational search engine, concentrating mainly on math and science topics.

Yahoo! (

One of the biggest search engines around, which full Boolean.


Clusters results.