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Amazing Kids Magazine
Written by kids, for kids.

All the current news, with a search tool in the middle of the page.

A great search engine of news sources -- just enter a subject or headline, and it will be found!

Color-coded news from multiple sources. The best!

Online Newspapers
The Internet Public Library's online newspaper database, which includes newspapers from every state in the union and over 100 countries outside the United States.

Online Periodicals
The Internet Public Library's online magazine database, which includes over 2300 titles that can be searched or browsed by subject or by title.

Opinion Pages
Need an editorial or opinion piece on a topic? This site allows you to search for words or phrases, browse subject areas, or browse geographically.

A newspaper search engine which allows you to search by paper name, town, city, country, or language, to see the newspapers of the day. Will also translate those in other languages. Wow!

Time for Kids
A great source of news for kids. Includes national and international news as well as sports, and is searchable. Awesome!

Today's Front Pages
A great look at the front pages of many U.S. newspapers.

Weekly Reader Galaxy
The online version of Weekly Reader, with lots of games, quizzes, contests, trivia, current events, and coloring activites for students in grades pre-K through 10.

Yahoo Full Coverage (
Need information on one subject from several sources? This site gives you articles from many newspapers on the same topic, along with corresponding websites. Excellent!