American FactFinder
Great data from every state from the U.S. government.

Awesome Library for Kids
A directory aimed specifically at K-12 students, this site offers over 15,000 resources in areas students research most often.

How to do almost anything, with step-by-step instructions and shopping lists.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
One of the most popular grammar resources on the web, that provides students help with sentences, paragraphs, essays, and research.

How Stuff Works
Tells you how almost anything works, from web pages to telephones.

A great online almanac, when you don't have a copy with you, but need that quick fact.

Kidlink Multicultural Calendar
Searchable by holiday, country, or author, this collection of links is wonderful!

If you need to convert pounds into tons, inches into meters, or degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit, this is the site for you. It's fast and easy!

New York Times CyberNavigator
You may have to register to use this home site of the reporters of the New York Times, but it's free, and well worth it. Every research tool you'd ever want is here from search engines to magazines and newspapers, government statistics and documents, sports info, and more. Be careful -- you could stay here for hours.

Price's List of Lists
A comprehensive group of lists on subjects ranging from the Fortune 500 to the best colleges.

Research it!
This is it -- your one stop shop for research, which includes dictionaries, thesauruses, translation tools, biographical dictionaries, Bartlett's Quotations, maps, and the yellow pages, along with much more.

The Amazing Picture Machine
Need images for a report or presentation? This is the place for you. Created by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, this is a massive collection of kid-safe images. A great pre-screened archive.