4 Kids 2 Play
Smart, simple, and eye-catching games, including an online coloring book and free screen savers. You'll need Macromedia Flash Player to play.

America's Story from America's Library
The great site for families from the Library of Congress. Lets you meet amazing Americans, jump back in time, explore the states, join America at play, or hear and sing some of America's favorite songs. Excellent!

American Sign Language Browser
Learn Sign Language at this great Michigan State site which features Quicktime movies of people performing signs.

Billy Bear's Playground
Billy Bear has great story and craft ideas when the weather outside is not so nice. Send a cyberpostcard to a friend!

Brain Binders
Puzzles of folded paper that include finished pictures. Print them out, and try to fold to match the image. It's not as easy as it sounds.

A great selection of games, ranging from miniature golf to pool and basketball foul shooting, all in a candy setting.

Crayola Creativity Central
Use the card creator or the activity book, or just read the polls and fun facts of the day. Cool site!

Crayola Digi-Color
Start drawing with all of Crayolo's tools.

Creating Music
Play with classical music, solve musical puzzles, or compose. You must have Shockwave and Quicktime to begin.

Discovery.com Fun and Games
Do a crossword puzzle, test your knowledge, or play one of the many interactive games.

Family Xpeditions
Geography activities online for the whole family, provided by National Geographic.

Great fun with the animal FBI.

Free Online Games
From HarperCollins Book Publishers, there are some great games here.

Fun activities for Kindergarten through second grade, including an arcade.

Great games for almost every subject area (including Spanish and music).

King's Math Activities
Created by a classroom teacher in Kankakee, Illinois, this site includes a links to some of the best math activities on the Web (try the games from the BBC -- they're especially good!)

Lite Brite on the Web
Create a virtual Lite Brite masterpiece in your spare time.

Make a Flake
Use virtual scissor to create your own snowflake.

Microsoft's Terraserver
Look at the pictures taken from satellites of all areas of the world, including your own neighborhood.

The homesite of the National Basketball Association, with highlights, scores, and news from around the NBA. Includes links to other sports sites.

Nick Jr.com
This Nickolodeon site has a game of the week, plus features on popular Nickolodeon programs.

Anyone can be an artist. Try it out!

Ontario Science Center
Cool science games to warm up for Science Olympiad.

PBS Kids
Click on any of your favorite programs for activities, or the Fun and Games sign for hours of fun! (Includes one of my favorites -- Arthur and the Library Card Song. Listen to music while you put the Arthur puzzle together.)

Pennsylvania Ballet Kids Page Includes information about the Pennsylvania ballet, as well as artist interviews, workbook pages, and how to creat a ballet.

Create a work of art like Picasso. Great fun!

Puzzlemaker A great site that lets you make your own crossword puzzle, word search, scrambled message, cryptogram or math square, or print out a maze.

Sports Arcade
Sports Illustrated for Kids arcade with the coolest sports games online.

ThinkQuest Library
Browse the Thinkquest Library, which provides over 6000 websites on all different topics created by kids like you.

Weekly Reader Galaxy
The online version of Weekly Reader, the popular magazine for kids is highly interactive with games, quizzes, contests, trivia, current events, and coloring activities.

Wild West Phonics
Great cartoon fun helps you learn phonics.

Who Wants to Win a Million Dollars Science Game
How much do you know? Test your knowledge with these questions.