A&E's Biography Database
A searchable database of over 20,000 biographies.

Academy of Achievement
A wonderful site set up like a library where visitors enter halls ranging in subject to people of vision, to those of integrity. Audio and video clips are available as well as biographical information.

American Presidents: An online reference resource
From the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, this site has excellent information about the presidents of the United States.

American Presidency
From Grolier, great biographies on presidency from four different encyclopedias.

The Biography Center
A metasearch engine for biographical information --searches many sites the person you're looking for.

The Catholic Information Network's Saints Page
An alphabetical listing of saints and their biographies.

Distinguished Women Past and Present
Biographies of women, searchable by subject and name.

Education World's Women's History Site
39 Links to notable sites about women, including encyclopedias.

Many biographies of famous individuals.

Presidential Timeline
A great interactive timeline of the presidents of the twentieth century with information of events of each term, and multimedia additions.

RefDesk.com's Biography Who's Who
Over 48 links to the best biography sites, whether you're looking for information on women, religious figures, or political figures.

The Sol-Gel Reference Desk
The most complete biography reference desk with links to over 20 sites.

A great biographical database with information by name, date, or category.

Women's History Resources
An extensive site compiled by the librarian at the University of Wisconsin. Because of its complexity, you should know who you're researching, what they're famous for and when before you attempt to find them here, but once you do, there's a wealth of information.

Women in History
An organization that provides biographical sketches on important women in history.